Creating Safe and Sacred Space for Healing

I’m so glad you are here.  I’m Becca Pronchick and I’m passionate about health and spirituality.

You’ve come to the right place if you’d like to:

  • Feel more comfortable in your body
  • Quiet your mind and learn to meditate
  • Have more time for yourself to be creative and playful
  • Enjoy more loving and harmonious relationships
  • Share more of your gifts with the world
  • Receive support and encouragement often

My journey continues to unfold, sometimes with delight and sometimes with frustration.  I’m a student of Ananda yoga philosophy and Buddhist principles – teaching and supporting people and still learning every day – how to release the past, give great thanks for all of the blessings in life and moving forward every day into a powerful Vision for the future.

Has your journey brought you to a place of confusion or to a place of commitment to your well being?  Have you read a bunch of self-help books, attended workshops, hired a fitness trainer and tried way too many diets?  Are you still not implementing the self-care you know you need?

Let’s get real here!

I’m curious to get to know you and what’s driving you crazy right now.  I’d love to help you settle down and connect with yourself, your guidance and your power.  Together we will create a plan that you can integrate easily into your life to improve your energy, clarity and enjoyment while having fun doing it.

I help successful people reduce their stress and enjoy their success with teleclasses, groups, private sessions and retreats.  Come and play with us.

Let’s get comfortable here together for a few minutes.  You can get right back to everything else.  Stop and take a few slow deep breaths right now, OK?

I send out a weekly meditation and tapping lesson – just enter your contact information in the box on the right side of the page, and you’ll see it pop into your inbox every week.  Ahhhh…

Are you ready to Get Out of Pain and Back Into Your Life?  Complete the Application for a Free Strategy Session today!

Some issues and conditions can be acknowledged and released very quickly and more complex issues can take some time to heal.  If you would like assistance and more information about yoga, meditation and EFT, please apply for a Permission To Relax strategy session.

May you listen to your heart, feel comfortable in your beautiful body and begin to enjoy less of what isn’t working in your life and more of what is working.  After all, putting your focus on where you are now and where you are going is the most powerful place to BE.

Much love,



Managing Stress, Keeping Myself Healthy

“Working with Becca has changed my life.  She has affected how I manage stress, keeping myself healthy, and has shown me how to overcome obstacles to growing my business.  The techniques she has taught me help keep me grounded and when faced with challenges, I use EFT to overcome them.  I now face things as they come and don’t dread what might or might not happen.  I can’t imagine I could have gone on much longer the way I was, due to my stress levels.  Stress was affecting my health so badly that I feared a heart attack or stroke was next.  I no longer feel that way and I know that if things do get crazy, I can always tap my way back to peace.”

Linda Joyner, Alternative Solutions, Napa Valley, California


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